How can we design a trip report to show the dynamic relationship and added value of the individual's interactions in the field?

A trip report is a document that needs to be created at the end of every field mission at UNICEF. This report includes details about the purpose, itinerary and outputs from the travel. We wanted to create a concept trip report that shows the same narrative in a more dynamic way, to better explain the relationship between various team members and the outputs that were created during their travel time.

During the Ebola crisis in Liberia, a few of our team members went on mission to help successfully deploy products that would support in an emergency setting. The original trip reports which were created following this mission didn’t show the overlapping interactions and successes of projects when members worked collaboratively because the reports were all drafted separately by each individual member according to operational protocol.

Our design aimed to overlap information in a timeline format in a way that could concurrently show each team members specific roles alongside the milestones and products that were being deployed.

(This is still a prototype)