How do we design a adaptable visual system to help navigate through the UPSHIFT social impact workshop?


The UPSHIFT social impact workshop is a learning experience that introduces adolescents to tools and techniques such as human-centered design, agile development, creative ideation, prototyping and user testing in the form of a social innovator’s toolkit. Participants work side-by-side with a mentor to move from challenge to solution, while engaging in networking and reflection activities in their downtown. At the close of the workshop, teams exhibit and pitch their solutions to a judging panel that selects projects for implementation.


Our opportunity was to design a visual system for this set of tools that would help mentors and teams easily move through the phases of the workshop. We researched through observing an UPSHIFT workshop in Kosovo and speaking with several other countries that were running the workshops.

The workshop is divided into 6 phases, 2 of which take place before the in-person sessions. Each of these phases has a set of tools and templates that flow into each other and could have potential use at the very end of the workshop.


The bright colours and playful yet abstract icons were designed keeping in mind the creativity, confidence and skill-building nature of UPSHIFT. All assets are designed in a way that they can be printed directly from a PDF and easily used by any facilitator that wants to host an UPSHIFT workshop.

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